Since I have a blog now, I would love to introduce myself to all readers and share some light overview of my life.

My name is Thomas Hackl, I was born in 1962 in Bavarian Forest, Germany. I come from a big family, I am the eighth from eleven children. I went to advanced technical college since I prefer doing more practice. I have the skill in farming, agriculture and tax consultancy. Right now I live in Bavarian Forest and surely will stay here for the next years.

Since late 2004 I started to shoot bow and arrow regularly. My passion is english longbow. However, I also use recurve and would love to try new things. I have a great interest in technical knowledge of bows and would like to overcome any obscurity. Currently I have several bows. My favorite bow is a 120 lbs english war bow which we can shoot without arrows but the right timber.

Original war arrows with ½ inch mounting already are already fascinating. In this area I have set a goal to master a 150 lbs bow. When I fail it, I would take it sportively, but I will still try to make it come true.

I shoot a good 90 lbs Hoyt Sky Eagle for fun. For shooting target I use an 82 lbs english longbow with stiff middle part. Now I have ordered a 90 lbs, because my old bow is getting soft.

What makes me really propel is to experience how unerring english longbows are. Therefore, I do much experiments to shoot moving targets. In this case, I think it is important to give it more focus. There are so many shooters who can show how powerful these english longbows could be. For myself it is all about the accuracy.

I think archers from Middle Ages could indescribably use their bows very well, and my duty now is to find out what to transcribe from it.

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